How Should You Dress For Cycling?

How Should You Dress For Cycling

How Should You Dress For Cycling?

With any sports or exercise, having the right equipment, gear, protection and clothing are all essential for different reasons. Having the wrong clothing can very easily disrupt or even ruin your bike ride.

Remembering some top tips and taking extra care when deciding on the right cycling garments for your needs will be well worth it in the long run.

We are here to help you make the right choices so you can enjoy your cycling as you should, without the distractions from poor cycling clothing.

Keep reading this blog post to learn more about base layers for cycling, the benefits of the right base layers for you as a cyclist and what you should wear when cycling in both hot and cold temperatures and weather conditions.


Introduction to Cycling Base Layers

Whether you are an avid and experienced cyclist, or whether you cycle occasionally for fun as a hobby, you are likely to know that having the right cycling gear is important and can affect the quality of your ride as well as the overall cycling experience.

Base layers for cycling are fundamental, they should form the foundations of your cycling outfit. Cycling base layers can even enhance the comfort of your ride, which is perfect especially if you are cycling for long periods of time. They are practical for so many reasons no matter what the season is outside.


Benefits of Base Layers for Cyclists

There are many benefits to base layers on their own, but base layers can especially benefit cyclists. When on your bike, base layers can help you to keep comfortable and dry at all times whilst regulating body temperature.


Fast Absorption

Fast absorbing, base layers can pick up any sweat quickly and efficiently, whilst the lightweight fabric will evaporate any moisture and therefore will dry super fast. This ensures that you are never uncomfortable in wet or damp clothing – which could negatively impact your performance on their bike.


Temperature Control

Base layers are excellent for cyclists as it prevents them from becoming too hot or too cold with not much opportunity to alter their comfortability or change the temperature by adding or removing layers of clothing. They prevent you from becoming too hot or too cold, which means you can enjoy exercising throughout your cycling session.


Compression to the Muscles

Not only do base layers for cyclists help with temperature and moisture control but they also add compression to the muscles and the body. Base layers are meant to fit skin-tight and so their specially formulated fabric can get to work and add compression too.

Compression helps with the build-up of lactic acid which is perfect for cyclists who need to keep moving for long periods, helping with minimal aches whilst preventing injuries and muscle recovery after exercise.


Cycling in Warm Weather

In warm weather, by all means, you can choose to wear a base by itself. Base layers do not need other layers on top, they can be worn solely on their own as a single layer.

You will benefit from wearing just a cycling base layer in summer when the weather is hot or warmer. You will be more aerodynamic with your base layer on as they fit snug to the body whilst having all the other benefits of base layers.

Opt for cycling base layer shorts with a short-sleeved top when the weather is warm as you will not need the extra leggings of long-fitting garments, whilst still benefiting from wearing base layers.


Cycling In Cold Weather

In winter base layers can be worn underneath other layers of clothing. Layer up for extra warmth when on your back. Around three layers are recommended for colder cycling days.

A waterproof layer should be worn on top of other layers to help shield you from the rain and water spray from wet roads or cycling paths. For a cycling base layer in winter, go for long-sleeved base layer tops and base layer leggings too.

It is important to stay warm when cycling outside and taking on the elements in the winter time such as the rain, cold winds and even sleet or snow. Base layers will help you stay warm and prevent you from getting cold, trapping heat close to the body whilst also wicking any perspiration away from the body so that you do not before wet from body moisture.

Not having the feature of a fast-drying base layer when cycling can cause you to become very cold and wet, particularly when you stop cycling. Wet and damp clothing next to the skin in the cold can cause a person to shiver and therefore become extremely uncomfortable.

Any mid layers will also help you to trap heat into the body and form more layers of insulation between other garments – just remember your base layer is worn first and next to the skin in order for it to perform. It is important to prepare for all weather conditions on the roads so that you can enjoy your cycle at all times.


Mizos Apparel

Whatever the weather outside we hope we have explained to you in this blog how you should dress for cycling. No matter what the weather is doing that day, be sure to wear your base layers.

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