Marginal Gains Matter

We have worked hard to provide a base layer that will perform in all weather conditions. The Fresco range of base layers are the ultimate in all seasons and have set new standards across the globe.

High Performance Base Layer

Sweat Repellent Technology

Our base layers at Mizos feature state of the art sweat repellent technology that perfectly regulates your body temperature - regardless of the time of year. These fit under your ‘normal’ clothes and are designed to maximise your performance with the optimum temperature. 

Advanced Moisture Wicking Fabrics

The advanced moisture-wicking fabric absorbs your perspiration which means you will not be carrying your body weight during your sporting activities. Meaning you will maintain your peak performance levels for longer whilst minimising potential injury occurrence as well as speeding up the healing process for any existing injuries. 

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    Outperform the competition

    The Fresco range of base layers have been designed by our in house team using the most advanced moisture wicking fabrics, delivering optimal performance resulting in marginal gains which can be the difference between winning and losing.

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