Tried and Tested

Mizos Base Layer

Mizos Fresco base layers have been created for multi sport activities using our tried and tested advanced wicking fabric at its core.

Optimum Performance

High Performance Base Layer

Delivering optimum performance in all weather conditions, whatever your sport.

The Mizos Fresco base layers come in multi-sport variants, which take account of all weather conditions.

The design team rigorously test and alter the different variants of the award-winning base layer, tailoring the cut and fit for functionality for each individual sport.

Marginal gains are our goal in every sport and are our go to position, delivering optimum performance in all weather conditions.



Cycling specific base layers allow the athlete to deliver maximum performance throughout the race distance, finishing dry and fresh, knowing races are won and lost in the last 10 minutes.

Cyclists have a choice of sleeveless, short and long sleeves, weight is everything so the garment is made from ultra light fabric which exhausts the body heat generated though the core of the garment and away from the body evaporating any moisture, this action means the garment does not tighten on the body nor does it hold moisture.

It’s wind blocking properties keeps any chill away from the torso. The garment is used by UCI professional race team, Starcasino British Cycling Road racers and International junior World champions.


The football variant carries the same garment core, delivering all the benefits as in the cycling base layer. But with the addition of many small nuances.

The addition of a GPS pocket supports the live and post tracking equipment, with a garage cover holding the device safe and secure, without the need for a restrictive vest. Again the garment comes in sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeve.

With the addition of the deep winter version which carries the long sleeve in a Roubaix fabric offering a fleece brush inner lining for warmth with a waterproof outer, a real game changer on icy cold, rainy days.


Cricket, as with all sports, has its own requirements and our garment technology protects the upper body muscles for fast bowlers, batsmen and field athletes.

In test conditions the core of the garment yet again is the star, controlling the body temperature and maintaining optimum athlete performance protecting and supporting muscles through the upper body.

Fast bowlers do not need to leave the field of play which has historically happened to change shirts. Equally the bowling shoulder has a negative cut sleeve allowing complete freedom through the bowling action with no irritating pull from the garment when in optimum bowling condition. Again the garment carries the tried and tested GPS device support, a must for fast bowling.