What Are Skins for Rugby?

What Are Skins for Rugby

What Are Skins for Rugby?

Today we are going to introduce you to the world of rugby skins. Skins is terminology that often gets used in the sport of rugby whilst surprisingly not in many other sports. Rugby skins are beneficial in many ways, from keeping you dry to regulating your body temperature.

We will be talking about rugby skins in this blog post today, along with the many benefits of wearing skins if you are a rugby player. If you do not know what rugby skins are and would like to learn more, then keep reading for more information.


What Are Rugby Skins?

‘Skins’ is another terminology for a base layer and in rugby especially, base layers are often referred to as ‘rugby skins’. Rugby skins help to regulate body temperature, add compression to the muscles and help a player to enhance their performance.

Base layers or ‘skins’ are made from specially engineered fabric and are intended for a snug and figure-hugging fit. They sit as close to the skin as possible in order for the base layer to perform correctly and act like a second skin.

Base layers can be worn by rugby players and by those that participate in other sports and exercise too. Football, cricket, running, hiking and cycling are some popular examples of exercise and sport where base layers are often worn. Base layers can be worn in all weather conditions and can benefit you in lots of ways.


How Do Base Layers Work?

A base layer works by regulating a person’s body temperature, no matter what exercise or how intensively a person is exercising. They prevent you from becoming too cold and stop you from getting too hot. They make sure you are comfortable and dry and can perform effectively.

Base layers manage to achieve these things due to the specially formulated fabric. It absorbs moisture and sweat from the body very quickly, wicking away from the skin and ensuring the body is not uncomfortable and damp. The ultra-thin and lightweight nature of the material has a rapid fast drying formula which allows them to perform in this way.

The fast drying ability will not weigh down you from the unnecessary weight of wet or damp clothing. Rugby players can sweat approximately 1.5 litres of water in a single game and sometimes more depending on the individual. This shows the importance of having quick-drying rugby skin to not weigh a player down. Base layers maintain that the body stays cool, dry and comfortable at all times.


How Should My Rugby Skin Fit?

A well-fitting rugby base layer should fit snug against the skin so it picks up and absorbs moisture effectively so it can evaporate it away from the skin. A rugby skin that does not fit well will not work correctly, which can result in damp and uncomfortable clothing.

For a rugby skin to perform, it must be sat close to the body. Whether you need the base layer to prevent you from getting cold or stop you from getting too hot. Your base layer will need to be a good snug fit to the body.


Benefits of Rugby Skins

There are many benefits that rugby skins bring to rugby players that are undeniable. Read on for more of the amazing benefits.


Performance Enhancer

A rugby skin can help enhance your athletic performance. It will keep you comfortable during their game due to the moisture-wicking abilities and clever temperature control.

The compression element of the base layer also positively affects the body. Compression supports the muscles during and after play. It can aid muscles during exercise and help with the build-up of lactic acid. This allows you to train and play for longer, maintaining your endurance which can overall enhance your performance.

Rugby is a high-contact and physical sport. This sport is likely to take its toll on your muscles without the right protection from base layers. A base layer adds a layer of protection whilst the compression helps support muscles, promotes healthy blood flow and aids muscle recovery time. Injury is a common occurrence in the game of rugby and so having that compression benefit to aid recovery time and muscle fatigue is a huge plus.


Keeps You Dry

Having wet clothing from sweat is enough to weigh down a sportsperson in any sport. It can disrupt your potential to perform whilst making you extremely uncomfortable. Rugby skins will ensure that you are kept dry by their moisture-wicking abilities – and therefore comfortable at all times, allowing you to focus on the game at hand and not your clothing.


Regulates Body Temperature

Helping control body temperature is a big plus for rugby players. Ensuring you do get too hot or too cold during the game makes skins suitable to wear and to benefit from whatever the weather has got to add to the playing abilities on the pitch.


Mizos Apparel

We hope you have now learned what skins are for rugby and that they are just another word for base layers. You should be now well informed on base layers for rugby and what they can do to help benefit you in the game and whilst training.

Being able to prevent injuries and speed up recovery times due to the compression element of the base layers is a huge benefit for rugby players especially when their muscles do take a hit during this sport.

If you would like to know more about our Mizos Apparel base layers then visit our website or contact us for more information. There is a reason why base layers are worn in so many different sports – so utilise the benefits of wearing a base layer for yourself today.

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