Can Base Layers Be Worn In Rugby?

Can Base Layers Be Worn In Rugby?

Can Base Layers Be Worn In Rugby?

A base layer is a layer of clothing that goes underneath any other layers of clothing you might be wearing and sits next to your skin. A base layer should be a snug fit so it can act like a ‘second skin’.

Often confused with thermal layers, base layers are cleverly engineered pieces of clothing and are designed to keep you warm in colder weather and cool in hot weather and when you begin to sweat – which is particularly beneficial when exercising. Can base layers be used in rugby? Read on to find out.


How Do Base Layers Work?

Base layers work by regulating your body temperature whatever the weather and at any intensity level of exercise. They do this as the fabric is specially formulated to quickly absorb any moisture from your body, the lightweight material then helps to wick the moisture away from your body and evaporate it out of the clothing – maintaining your body stays cool, dry and comfortable at all times.


Why Wear a Base Layer?

Anyone can benefit from wearing a base layer, as temperature regulation is a handy feature for anyone. Ensuring a person is equally never too hot or too cold at any time.

Our Mizos Fresco Base Layer ranges come in multi-sport variations and all layers perform under any weather conditions – whether that be football, rugby, cycling, cricket, hiking, or simply, walking the dog.

Our base layers have been tried and tested and our design team have altered and tailored the fit and the cut of our award-winning base layers to match the functionality of each individual sport.

Incorporating a Mizos Base Layer into your wardrobe and your routine could change your life for the better. Our base layers have been tried and tested and their efficiency has been proven – they work! So why not try one out today and feel the benefits for yourself?


Benefits of Base Layers

Base layers regulate body temperature and wick moisture away from the body, this alone ensures a comfortable and therefore enjoyable game at all times. A base layer can make a sports person so comfortable, it can actually help to enhance their performance. Having the right sports clothing for the best performance is essential, a rugby player does not want to be held back by any loose or damp clothing and so helping a player to perform to their potential certainly is a benefit to rugby players which must be celebrated.

With the right compression, a base layer can help aid your muscles during exercise. This helps with muscle recovery after exertion and helps with the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles. The compression helps to protect muscles against injury, it also increases the rate of blood flow back to the heart which helps the muscles to recover better after exercise and allows a player to train harder for longer, limiting muscle fatigue. Helping aid muscles during play and in the recovery process is a massive plus for those who play such a physical sport as rugby.


How Should My Rugby Base Layer Fit?

A well-fitting base layer should fit snug against the body for it to work effectively. This is so it can absorb any moisture easily which can then evaporate through and out of the garment, ensuring you stay comfortable and dry and able to perform your best at all times.

Base layers should also fit close to the body to benefit you when you are cold, as layers close to the skin will trap in heat and help a player to keep warm. The fast-drying specialised fabric will mean that when you stop, this feature will ensure you do not get cold with damp fabric next to your skin, as it dries so quickly.

Our Mizos Base Layer tops are available in sleeveless, short and long sleeve options, so you can benefit from wearing a base layer no matter what the weather. Opt for long sleeves in colder weather when playing rugby and shorter sleeves in warmer weather when you do not need to trap in the heat.


Advantages of Rugby Base Layers

For a rugby player, a base layer should be a crucial part of any player’s kit, no player should be without one. Not only do base layers look the part but they help to provide complete comfort to every game. As we have discussed the advantages of base layers, the benefits of wearing a base layer for rugby are clear.

Regulating body temperature, protecting the body from the elements in both summer and winter and protecting the skin from any potential scratches or grazes by adding another layer of protection to the skin. As well as added compression to the muscles – this is a huge benefit for rugby players as it is such a physical, contact sport. Supporting muscles whilst they work and aiding blood flow which helps with muscle recovery is a huge plus for such a high contact sport like rugby and something that all rugby players really should not go without.


Things to Avoid in Base Layers

Firstly you will want to avoid a baggy or loose fit to your base layers – a looser fitting garment will mean that a lot of the moisture-wicking abilities are lost. If your garment is not close to the skin it can not perform correctly, it cannot absorb or evaporate moisture quickly, so when you stop you could then become uncomfortable and cold.

Any rugby player surely would not want to miss out on these benefits to help enhance their game. The amazing benefits of base layers for playing rugby are the reason base layers have become increasingly popular in this sport over recent years and will continue to help aid players and their performance.

Try our Mizos Base Layers, tried and tested by many sportspeople and designed and created with sports activities in mind. With advanced wicking fabric at its core, let Mizos unlock your potential and help you to perform to the best of your abilities, no limitations – just high performance.

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