Can You Wear a Base Layer by Itself for Cycling?

Can You Wear a Base Layer by Itself for Cycling?

Can You Wear a Base Layer by Itself for Cycling?

Cycling base layers are a great thing to add to the comfort of your ride. When cycling, base layers help you to keep cool, comfortable and dry whilst regulating your body temperature whatever the weather. We are here to inform you about the best cycling base layers and to answer the question – can cycling base layers be worn on their own?

If you would like to know the answer to this question, plus lots more on base layers for cyclists, then keep reading to find out more.


What Are Base Layers?

Base layers are a piece of clothing that sits underneath other layers of clothing. Designed to sit closely next to the skin and fit snugly to the body. A base layer benefits the body in many ways and is designed to not restrict or limit movement of the body in any way.


What Do Base Layers Do?

The reason base layers need to sit closely next to the skin is so that the fabric can function effectively. Specially formulated to absorb moisture quickly, base layers feature a fast drying formula to the material – designed to wick any moisture from the body and away from the skin.

This ensures the wearer of the base layer is always comfortable and dry whilst making sure all movements are not hindered.


Benefits of Base Layers

Base layers have great features – they regulate a person’s body temperature, preventing a person from becoming too hot or from getting too cold. This is especially useful when cycling; as whilst on your bike, you won’t have many other options to control your body temperature and make sure you are comfortable.

Base layers also add compression to the muscles due to their skin-tight element. This prevents muscle fatigue and the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles, allowing a cyclist to cycle for longer whilst limiting aching muscles and speeding up muscle recovery times.


Layers of Clothing

You can wear other layers of clothing on top of the base layer for warmth or comfortability – as not everyone feels comfortable in snug skin-tight clothing. As long as you wear your base layer underneath any other layers you are wearing, it will be able to do all the moisture-wicking work.


Why Wear Base Layers for Cycling?

Base layers should be the foundation of any exercise outfit. The benefits that they bring to the wearer can help to enhance performance and allow for exercising longer. This is no different when it comes to cycling.

When on your bike, do not underestimate the ability of a good quality base layer such as the Mizos Apparel Cycling Base Layer. Managing the build-up or perspiration will keep you feeling fresh throughout the duration of your cycle and also all year round. No matter what the season and the weather, you should be wearing a base layer when cycling to benefit your ride.

Whether you want to remain warm in colder weather or stay cool in hot weather, a good quality base layer will prevent you from getting cold and will help wick moisture away from the body when you are hot, it will then dry instantly keeping you dry, cool and comfortable.

You will only have to decide and invest in different types of base layers. A short or long sleeve cycling base layer, or even a sleeveless base layer for example, as well as deciding between shorts and leggings. Read more on what temperatures you should wear a base layer in here.


Can You Wear a Base Layer by Itself?

In short, yes, you can choose to wear a base layer on its own, with no other layers of clothing on top. They are just like any other layer of clothing you own and therefore can be worn on their own as a single layer of clothing.

Base layers are versatile pieces of clothing, worn on their own or layered up underneath other garments of clothing such as shorts or waterproofs.

In the summer months when the weather is hot, you might want to wear a cycling base layer on its own. This is because you won’t need other layers of clothing in warm weather and one layer will suffice. Not to mention that a well-fitting base layer will be figure hugging against the body, this is an extra benefit to cyclists as these snug-fitting layers will help cyclists be more aerodynamic.

On the colder days of the year, it is recommended you wear three layers of clothing when cycling. This is especially important if you are cycling some distance. You will need a base layer first and foremost, next should be a mid-layer for insulation – to trap more heat close to the body finally a windproof and waterproof layer is also advised to prepare you for all weathers on the road.


Mizos Apparel Base Layers

Now you know that base layers can be worn on their own as well as layered up. In summary, if you are a cyclist you will benefit from wearing a base layer in many ways.
Get yourself a high-performing base layer such as our Mizo Apparel Base Layers. Invest in quality and you will not regret it. Our products at Mizos Apparel are also suitable and effective in wet weather conditions – perfect for those who cycle.

Base layers are naturally breathable, efficient at regulating body temperature and increase blood flow and compression which helps promote muscle health and recovery – perfect for those long bike rides.

If you need any help or advice on anything regarding base layers, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Mizo Apparel. Browse our website for more information on our amazing products, including our men’s and women’s base layer products.

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