Are Compression Base Layers Any Good?

Are Compression Base Layers Any Good

Are Compression Base Layers Any Good?

You may have heard about base layers or even been recommended them from a friend – but are they any good? That’s what we’re going to explore in this blog.

Compression base layers are extremely good for the body. When the body is partaking in physical movement and the muscles are giving off energy expenditure, having a base layer with compression can really help your muscles and therefore help you perform well.

Read this blog if you are wanting to understand more about compression layers, if you want to know what benefits compression brings to the body and how exactly compression is achieved in base layers – then do keep reading for more.


What Are Base Layers?

Base layers are an essential in sports. They are a piece of clothing that is worn next to the skin and can benefit the body in many ways, especially when exercising. Base layers sit close to and next to your skin. This is crucial in order for base layers to work effectively.

Base layers should not be restrictive to the body or limit its movements in any way. They allow the body to move well and freely whilst bringing multiple benefits to you, some of which include; compression, wicking moisture away from your skin and helping to regulate body temperature.


Are Compression Base Layers Any Good?

Compression is a main quality in base layers, it can help for a number of reasons. Adding compression wear to the body whilst it works is extremely good for it.

We are going to explain to you below just how compression provides the body with the benefits that it does.


Faster Recovery Times

Compression helps with recovery times after exercise. Compression provides support for the muscles which helps with muscle fatigue during exercising, whilst also offering support to the muscles after stopping exercising too.

Without compression muscle support, your muscles are more likely to suffer from aches and pains afterwards – and can even be more prone to injuries happening in the first place.

Being less sore and therefore limiting the amount of aching is especially important and useful for professional athletes, professional sports people – and even just if you partake in exercise regularly and most days of the week.

Compression will help you get back to it as soon as possible and keep recovery times to a minimum.


Helps to Minimise Injuries

Those who exercise regularly or professionally are more prone to injuries. This could be detrimental to your career if you do your sport as a job. Compression helps to minimise the risk of injury during and after physical activity.

Supporting the muscles throughout exercise can help limit the amount of vibration in the muscles – the less vibration, the less the muscles will tire from the expenditure.

Tired muscles are more likely to be prone to damage, so supporting them where we can with a compression base layer is a really great start to limit injuries.

Limiting injury is especially favoured in professional or high-contact physical sports such as rugby or football.

Professional football players and rugby players are often prone to injuries, and the last thing their club will want is for them to get injured. This can cost them their game and their team will likely suffer as a result of them not being able to play.


Aids Blood Circulation

Compression base layers aid blood circulation – they help blood flow and oxygen to be pumped around the body.

This can help aid performance, allowing you to play or exercise to a better level and helping you to push yourself to new boundaries that might not have been possible without the aid of the compressive element of your base layer.

As long as your base layer is the right fit, then compression will be provided and will benefit your body immensely.


Stops Energy From Being Wasted

The vibration from our muscles whilst we exercise will stop our muscles from performing to their full potential. This is because energy is lost and muscle fatigue can happen quickly, creating an overall less powerful performance.

Compression helps stop the energy being wasted through vibration, so you can use your energy for performing. This will also limit the risk of injuries and trauma to the muscles.


Helps Before, During and After Exercise

Base layers with compression can help before, during and after exercise from the abovementioned point. Supporting your muscles right the way through your games is what will help to keep you coming back for more.


How Compression Is Achieved in a Base Layer

If you have read all the amazing benefits of compression, (which is just one element of the benefits that base layers bring), many more benefits are to be had of base layers.

Compression has been used widely for decades across many different sports and exercises to help with injury prevention and recovery too. From wrist straps to help with weight lighting and other joint straps and compression tights too, all to help aid certain limbs. This has transferred over time for many involved in fitness.

The specially engineered material of base layers is what helps to give it that compression element, along with the fact your base layer should be fitting snugly to the body for a tight yet comfortable fit.

It is, therefore, a combination of the correct fit and investing in quality base layers, made from special synthetic fabrics, which are integrated into the garment. This is what will give you the compression that you are looking for and that you need.


Mizos Apparel’s Compression Base Layers

To get the most out of your base layer, you need to invest in a quality base layer in order to receive the benefit of compression. 

Our Mizos Apparel Base Layer will provide you with the element of compression, plus many more benefits too. We have many types of base layers, including short-sleeved tops and long-sleeved tops – to keep in more body heat on colder days.

Now that you know the benefits of compression base layers and how they are so great for the body – including the fact they help with enhanced blood circulation, reduce injuries and provide muscle support throughout the exercise and then help in reducing muscle soreness – you will not want to miss out on these amazing benefits.

If you participate in sports or exercise such as going to the gym, playing football, rugby, cricket, going cycling, hiking, running – or any sport or exercise for that matter – you can benefit from compression in your base layers. 

If you want to perform your best and have the motivation to keep going and keep improving, then invest in Mizos Apparel today. Wear a base layer, and check out our website for more information on our amazing base layers. Likewise, feel free to get in contact with us if you have any questions.

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