How Does A Base Layer Work?

How Does a Base Layer Work?

How Does A Base Layer Work?

Base layers are great pieces of clothing. Base layers can bring you many benefits when partaking in your sport or exercise. They really add to your exercise outfit and can even help you to perform at your best, although you may be wondering, how a single layer of clothing can achieve this.

We bring you this blog post, to explain all about base layers, their benefits and just how they work to achieve what they do – so if you would like to know all about this and more, then keep on reading.


What Is a Base Layer?

A base layer is a layer of clothing that is mainly designed and worn by those that partake in physical exercise and sports too. It sits next to the skin for a snug fit without being restrictive in any way. It allows the body to move freely and comes with a range of benefits that help to benefit the body, particularly when the body is put through physical expenditure.


Some of the Benefits of Base Layers

Some of the main benefits of base layers and the reasons why they are considered so useful and amazing for those who participate in sports or heavy exercise include.

  • Stop you from getting too hot or becoming too cold
  • Help with blood flow and circulation
  • Help to minimise injuries during and after exercise
  • Help with reducing muscle fatigue
  • Help with aches and pains in the muscle
  • They can speed up recovery times
  • Can help to improve your performance

They are some of the main, most important and highly sought-after benefits that no sportsperson should be without. If you are wondering how a layer of clothing can achieve all these fantastic features then continue reading this blog to find out how.


How Does a Base Layer Work?

Below we will explain how base layers perform and how they achieve all their special features.


Special Fabric – Temperature Regulation

Base layers indeed, help to keep you warm and stop you from overheating. This makes base layers suitable to wear all year round and in any weather conditions.

The temperature regulation feature works by heating heat in and close to the body in cold weather conditions, retaining heat and not letting it escape from the body, therefore preventing you from getting cold.

Base layers also help you to stay cool and stop you from overheating when it is warm outside or when you are exercising and working up a sweat and producing heat. They work by wicking moisture away from the body and out of the garment.

Drawing sweat away from the body is what base layers do, mimicking what our skin does with our sweat naturally. Our bodies sweat in an attempt to cool ourselves down, wearing a base layer of the right material will ensure the body can function properly and will not be weighed down by moisture in the fabric of our clothing.


Lightweight Material – Fast Absorbing and Moisture Wicking

Once base layers have quickly wicked any moisture away from the skin the specially designed material is thin and lightweight which allows for fast absorption and the quick drying aspect.

The temperature control and the fast absorption help to keep your skin dry and keep you comfortable at all times, no matter what the time of year, what the weather is doing or how much or little perspiration the body makes.

Being comfortable during exercise and sports is essential to performing well. You do not want to be hindered by your clothing making you uncomfortable or distracted by how it makes you feel. Your clothing during exercise should help you perform so you can beat your goals or excel in your sports performance.


Tight Fitting – Compression

Due to the specially engineered fabric of base layers, accompanied with the fact that your base layer should fit correctly – fitting comfortably close to your body, acting like a ‘second skin’. These factors together add compression to your body when you are wearing them. 

Compression benefits the body in many ways during exercise. It is considered crucial for professional sports people who regularly train and exercise most days of the week.

Compression helps to support the muscles before, during and after exercise. Supporting the muscles during exercise stops the muscles from vibrating so much which can help reduce the risk of injury during exercise. This is particularly useful when playing contact sports for example, such as rugby.

High impact on the muscles without support is more likely to cause injuries and suffer aches and pains for potential days after. This is not practical at all if you are a professional sportsperson who will need to return to training the next day.

Compression also helps to aid muscles and support healthy blood flow and circulation, this helps oxygen flow around the body which can ultimately help with your performance. Muscle support is also important so that there is a limited build-up of lactic acid in the muscles, which is what causes muscle fatigue. Muscle fatigue is what will cause you to slow down, tire and therefore not perform at your best.


Mizos Apparel Base Layers

We hope we have explained how a base layer works and how it performs, to provide you with the range of benefits that will help you during whatever exercise or sport you partake in.

It is important to invest in quality base layers, in order to reap their benefits – as cheap base layer alternatives will not have the specially engineered benefits that we have explained to you today.

Invest in quality base layers such as our Mizos Apparel Base Layers, helping you deliver your optimum performance for all sports and weather. You are missing out if you don’t take advantage of what a quality base layer can do for you. We have many different variations of base layers, including base layer shorts and long-sleeved tops or short-sleeved tops and specially formed for multi-sport activities too.

Feel free to browse our website for more information about our products, if you have any questions feel free to contact us and a member of the Mizos Apparel team will be happy to help you.

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