Why Are Base Layers Important?

Why Are Base Layers Important?

Why Are Base Layers Important?

Base layers are worn by many in sports and other exercises. If you are not already wearing a base layer, then you are missing out. They can be worn at any time, on their own and with other layers of clothing on top.

If you don’t already know, we are going to discuss in this blog the reasons why base layers are so important, as well as the benefits they have to the body which makes them a great addition to your exercise outfit. A base layer is a piece of clothing you will not want to miss out on, so keep reading to learn more.


Why Are Base Layers Important?

Base layers are important for anyone that partakes in physical exercise or sports. They benefit the body in many different ways and can even prevent injury.

Preventing injury is a massive plus and a huge added benefit for athletes and professional sports people especially, as they put their bodies under more stress and exertion than most people and so, therefore, are more at risk of injury.

Anyone can benefit from wearing base layers and if you want to remain comfortable and dry at all times then you should invest in a base layer today.


Base Layers Regulate Your Body Temperature

Base layers can help in body temperature regulation. They stop the body from getting too hot and prevent the body from getting too cold. Sports are often played in all weather conditions and throughout all months of the year, with different seasons depending on the sport.

Base layers can help regulate temperatures whatever the weather outside. A bit like a thermal layer, a base layer can trap heat close to the body, which helps you to stay warm when cold.

Unlike thermal layers, base layers can also help cool the body down. This happens when moisture is wicked away from the body just like skin does with sweat naturally.


Base Layers Have Moisture-Wicking Abilities

Quality base layers are made from specially designed and formulated fabric which is made to absorb moisture extremely fast.

This is where the moisture-wicking ability comes from. By drawing sweat away from the skin it allows you to remain cool and dry and therefore comfortable, helping you not to overheat.

The lightweight nature of the fabric dries off almost instantly leaving you with a dry and fresh garment which will not weigh you down with unnecessary moisture or damp clothing as you perform.


Base Layers Help Circulation

You may not be aware that base layers can actually help with circulation as well as blood and oxygen flow around the body and to the heart.

This is because of the fit of base layers – if base layers fit correctly, they should be a snug fit sitting next to the skin whilst having the ability to move freely, be comfortable and not be restricted in any way.

The snug fit of base layers accompanied by the supportive and specially designed and quality material adds compression to the body and muscles.


Base Layers Help Minimise Injury

Having compression helps to minimise the risk of injury during and after the physical exercise. This is also because of the compression element of the base layer.

Compression adds support to the muscles, this stops the muscles from vibrating so much during exercise which can also limit the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles. Lactic acid is what causes muscle fatigue and so minimising this during sports or exercise is a huge added benefit for them.

Compression limits the amount of trauma that happens to the muscles which overall limits the amount of injury that can happen. This is especially favoured for professional sports players in sports such as football or rugby where accidents and injuries are often prone to happening.


Base Layers Speed Up Recovery Times

Again, compression helps muscles before, during and after exercising too. Without compression, muscles are more likely to:

  • Suffer from muscle fatigue during physical exercise and sports
  • Are more prone to accidents and injuries from happening
  • Are more likely to suffer from aches and pains after play too

Giving support to the muscles helps them recover more quickly and suffer less afterwards, which in turn helps speed up recovery times. Perfect for professional sports especially when recovery times need to be kept to a minimum so players can get back to their sport as quickly as possible.


Base Layers Can Improve Your Performance

Base layers can help improve your performance in sports or exercise due to the following factors:

  • Helping will blood flow – allowing you to train harder
  • Preventing muscle fatigue – allowing you to train for longer
  • Keeping you dry and at the perfect temperature – allowing you to train comfortably without distractions from damp clothing


Mizos Apparel Base Layers

As we have explained, you will now be aware of why base layers are so important and the amazing things they can bring to the world of sports and exercise.

With the many things listed above that base layers can help with, you will not want to miss out on any of these great advantages they bring to the body.

Invest in quality base layers to feel the range of benefits. Base layers such as the Mizos Apparel Base Layers will work best – they’re top quality and high-performing.

These base layers have been put to the test and will not disappoint. Complete with multi-sport variations of the base layer depending on your specialist sport or exercise – some of which include our football base layer, running base layer and cycling base layer.

Any questions? Get in touch with us today at Mizos Apparel, we will be happy to advise you if you need any help with anything. More information about our base layers plus more can be found on our website, so please feel free to browse the information over there if you would like more details about our products.

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