Do Base Layers Work In Rugby?

Do Base Layers Work In Rugby?

Do Base Layers Work In Rugby?

Base layers are a great way to add to your outfit when exercising – you can wear them for many different exercises and sports – and especially rugby. We bring you this blog post to discuss whether or not base layers work when playing the sport of rugby.

Read on if you would like to know more about rugby base layers, what base layers are and exactly why they can help rugby players in particular so read on to learn more information about this.


Base Layers – What Are They?

Base layers are layers of clothing that are designed to sit next to the skin to benefit you when exercising. They are non-restricting, breathable and have many benefits to them such as temperature regulation, moisture wicking and performance enhancement.

They can be worn at any time and other items of clothing can be layered on top. They come in different forms including short and long-sleeved tops, leggings and shorts.


Base Layers for Rugby Players

A base layer should be essential for all rugby players – they allow complete comfort for every game and training session. Base layers for rugby players look the part and also bring many advantages for rugby players especially. They can enhance a player’s performance and an advantage such as this should not be missed out on.


Do Base Layers Work In Rugby

In short, yes – base layers definitely work for the game of rugby. We will explain the different elements of base layers and how they especially help players during the game of rugby, so read below to find out more.


The Compression

Compression is a must for sports and exercise. This is because muscles are likely to suffer aches and pains that naturally happen when training hard. Compression helps with supporting the muscles before, during and after exercise.

Physical expenditure on the muscles causes them to vibrate, and a buildup of lactic acid can form which causes muscle fatigue. Compression stops the energy loss that comes from the vibration, it limits the risk of trauma to the muscles which can help a player play and train for longer periods, with minimum fatigue.

Harsh sports such as rugby in particular benefit massively from compression, because sports like rugby are high-contact and highly physical. Providing compression to the muscles also improves blood circulation which helps aid oxygen around the body and therefore helps rugby players perform to the best of their abilities.

Helping with aches and pains in the muscles means that compression helps with recovery times too. When a regular player of rugby, professional or otherwise, waiting for a player to recover is not possible. Compression helps the muscles and the bodies of rugby players so they can get back to training as soon as possible.


The Fit

For your base layer to work in the sport of rugby or for another sport, the fit of your base layer has to be right. A well-fitting base layer should fit tight to the body, this will help to perform effectively.

Being snug to the body also helps the base layer give you compression, absorb moisture and wick it away from the body and also control your body temperature, stopping you from becoming too hot or too cold during the game of rugby. This helps to ensure you will be dry and comfortable at all times.


Helps to Regulate Players’ Body Temperature

Base layers help to regulate body temperature. Preventing you from being too hot or becoming too cold.

This will benefit rugby players as being a physical sport, a lot of perspiration is likely to be made by players’ bodies – and as the game is played during winter and summer months, players are likely to face all weathers and temperatures.

Wearing your base layer in rugby can help ensure that you remain at the right temperature throughout, so you can get on with the game of rugby and not be distracted by being too uncomfortable.

Wicking sweat away from the skin when warm and evaporating it quickly so any damp clothing does not cause a chill, whilst locking in heat, trapping it close to the body in cold weather. Base layers in rugby will really help keep you comfortable at all times.


Moisture Wicking Abilities

The specially made and formulated fabric of base layers mean they can pick up moisture easily whilst the lightweight fabric allows for quick evaporation and drying times.

Rugby players can lose litres of fluid from their bodies through sweat during a single game, depending on the individual. Wearing a base layer to help keep you dry at all times when playing rugby is a must and a decision that you will not regret.


Mizos Apparel

We hope you are now aware of all of the elements that base layers bring to the game of rugby and how well they work for rugby players. Preventing injuries, speeding up recovery times and helping with blood flow are some of the great benefits we have discussed in this blog.

Our Mizos Apparel Base Layers are top quality and are high performing for all weather conditions. Available in multi-sport variations, invest in Mizos Apparel as we have the best base layer for rugby. You will feel the benefits of wearing our products straight away during your sport.

The weather can be cold or hot during the season of rugby, so whatever kit you are wearing be sure to wear your base layer next to your skin so you can always maintain the right temperature during your games.

If you need or would like some more information about our Mizos Apparel base layers to range you can either visit our website or get in touch with us, we will always be happy to help you.

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