Should You Wear Anything Under A Base Layer?

Should You Wear Anything Under A Base Layer?

Should You Wear Anything Under A Base Layer?

Have you recently purchased a base layer or are looking to learn more about base layers before you make a purchase? One of the most frequent questions we get asked or see when it comes to people searching for a base layer is wondering if they should wear anything under a base layer.

When the weather begins to get colder, or you know you are about to go somewhere that is going to be cold out, our first thought is wrapping up warm – so we naturally wear cosier clothes such as base layers or thermals.

Clothes do not heat themselves, but instead, control how fast the speed the body heat escapes to the outside. Having a base layer underneath your body keeps the body warm or absorbs/wicks sweat off your body which then creates a double space between whatever clothes you are wearing so it either keeps your body warm or helps battle against cold sweat if you are playing competitive sports. There are many different types of purposes a base layer can do depending on what materials it’s created off.

You may also want to wear sweat-wicking base layers that help you perform better for whatever sport that you do whether that’d be cycling, football or running.

Seeing all the technical features that are base layers offer us, we start to wonder if we should wear anything under it? We’ve created this article today so that you can not run into any problems when wearing your base layer correctly and help you get the most out of your base layers.

The quick answer to if you should wear anything under a base layer is yes. It is not a case though of trying to retain more heat from your body but more to help hygiene and avoid any nasty issues that come with it.


What Exactly Is A Base Layer?

Before we start to explain further why it’s important that you wear something under your base layers. Not many people are familiar with exactly what is a base layer, as your base layers can come under different forms such as ‘thermals’ and serve different purposes to people.

It’s best to do a bit of research on the base layer before you purchase it as you can find base layers that are created just for that sport which means it will suit you more.

A base layer is a piece of clothing that goes under your attire whether that’d be a football kit, running gear and many more. It hugs around your skin and helps you retain heat more whilst also soaking up sweat and getting rid of it at the same time so that you can remain warm plus be comfortable.

Base layers aren’t not only used for sports but people wear base layers under their clothes to provide warm comfort and provide a bit more luxury in their everyday life so that they can perform better.

By just one search online for base layers, you’ll come across a multitude of different types of base layers that have different types of material. The reason for this is that different materials will serve different types of conditions or various types of weather.

Not only are base layers extremely helpful when it comes to keeping you warm and fighting off any unwanted cold sweat but they have good health benefits such as improving your blood circulation when operating through whatever you are doing. The reason for this is because the tight fit & quality of the base layer creates compression.

There has been a high demand for base layers over the last years as they’ve become more popular you might have found elite athletes in sports wearing them, due to the amazing benefits that base layers offer many sports teams such as Blackpool, West Brom and Lancashire Cricket Club have invested in our base players which help their athletes perform at their best by producing healthy blood circulation, decreasing muscle fatigue and many more.


The Reason Why It Is Important To Wear Clothes Under Base Layer

When you are doing indoor or outdoor sports, your body will give out sweat as a result of pushing your body and exercising. When your body perspires you are at a higher chance of bacterial growth and you might have found that you are prone to itching more.

The reason why you are at a higher chance of bacterial growth is that bacteria prefer to breed in places that are warmer, moist and dark when they’re in this type of environment the chances are bacterial growth is greater than usual.

Therefore we highly recommend when wearing any base layer for indoor & outdoor sports that you are wearing underwear under your base layer.

Even though base layer materials are highly sweat-wicking and can push away sweat that you generate while working out, they are still prone to retaining heat from your body so put these two major factors together and you are at a much higher risk of bacterial growth which can cause you several issues.

You won’t have to worry about being too ‘bulky’ or feeling you are overwearing by putting on underwear with your leg base layers as they are extremely lightweight meaning you won’t have to feel like it’s causing you problems.

In fact, it will add extra comfort and warmth due to the style & the way base layers are created. You mustn’t mistake base layers for being a ‘substitute’ for underwear but always wear them underneath it to avoid any problems.

The good thing though is that base layers are washable so you won’t have to worry about bacterial growth constantly growing after use as each wash you will be able to get rid of any bacteria that has grown during playing.

We understand that it can sound very off-putting but you must understand it would take many wears without washing while playing for serious bacteria to build to be harmful understanding this can help us understand how important regular washing is of the base layer.

It is also important to learn more about the benefits of wearing a base layer before investing in them for yourself or for your sports team.

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