Can Base Layers Be Worn In Cricket

Can Base Layers Be Worn In Cricket

Can Base Layers Be Worn In Cricket

Base layers can benefit those who play a range of different sports or participate in different exercises or activities, such as hiking, running, football, rugby, the list really does go on. Sometimes base layers for cricketers are often overlooked or forgotten about.

At Mizos, we specially formulate different base layers to suit different kinds of sports and exercises. Learn more about base layers for cricket in this blog post, when we explain to you if and why they can be worn during the sport.


What Is A Base Layer?

A base layer is a piece of clothing that is worn and benefited mostly by those whilst exercising and playing sports. Base layers are designed to maintain a person’s body temperature, ensuring they do not get too hot or too cold whilst exercising.

The ultra-thin material should fit snugly against your skin so it can work most effectively, as it is specially designed with the technology to keep you warm when it is cold by trapping in the heat close to the body and also to cool you down when it is hot.

Any sweat is picked up by the fabric of the base layer and is wicked away from the body and evaporated out of the material, the lightweight formula allows for this to happen quickly and ensures the person wearing the layer stays cool and dry therefore comfortable at all times.


Can You Wear A Base Layer In Cricket?

The answer to the question; can base layers be worn in cricket – yes! Of course, base layers can be worn in cricket, they can benefit anyone doing any form of physical exercise.

Who doesn’t want to have their body maintained at the perfect temperature whilst they are playing any sports, with any sweat they produce to be wicked away so they can continue to be dry and comfortable at all times?


Cricket Base Layers Compared To Other Sports

Cricket as with all sports does have certain requirements when it comes to what items of clothing a player can wear. Our Mizos Fresco cricket base layers have the technology that protects the upper body muscles for fast bowlers, batsmen and field athletes.

At Mizos we have base layer tops that come in a range of sleeveless, short sleeves to long sleeves and luckily for fast cricket bowlers, they need not leave the field to change tops which is what was historically done for bowlers.

A long-sleeved cricket layer allows complete freedom through the bowling action with no irritating pull from the garment for the optimum bowling condition with a negative cut in the bowling shoulder.

No matter what type of base layer top a cricketer is wearing, the main body of the garment is where most of the magic takes place – controlling body temperature and always wicking moisture away.


Why Wear A Base Layer?

The temperature control and the moisture-wicking abilities are not the only things that cricket players will benefit from wearing a base layer for playing their sport.

Cricket players can suffer a lot from sore and stiff muscles from the repeated batting and bowling – repeated actions such as these can cause muscle fatigue during play too, meaning they will not be able to play to a high standard of performance.


Compression Benefits

A base layer that has compression can help a cricketer or any sportsperson that uses constant power during their game by aiding the muscles and supporting them through their performance.

Compression helps with healthy blood flow and minimises the build-up of any lactic acid which can also help someone to exercise for longer and also it takes any unnecessary stress away from the body whilst helping with recovery times after exercise too.

Improving muscle repair so cricketers can get back to playing the game as quickly as possible with little to no soreness.


Temperature Benefits In Different Climates

A fantastic benefit of the temperature regulator is that it allows a sportsperson to play in any weather conditions and in any season – particularly useful for cricket players who, professionally, will have to travel and play in many different climates that they may not use to, some of which could seriously affect their play and therefore they may not be able to perform as well as they could and should.

In hot climates, a quality base layer will be there to pick up any moisture from the body and evaporate it out of the garment so the player will not be weighed down by their perspiration hanging onto the material of their clothes – this will not only help with performance but it will also help with the comfortability of the players too.


Mizos Apparel Base Layers

Our base layers have been specially designed, tested and approved to bring optimum performance to people during all physical exercise, including sports and activities, no matter how intense or light the exercise, you can count on Mizos Apparel to keep you comfortable and dry and at the right body temperature at all times, no matter what the weather.

Clothing made from the wrong materials could seriously weigh you down, without the right compression or support, the wrong materials and baggy layers can leave you feeling too hot, sweaty and also cold in different conditions. Make sure you are wearing the right moisture-wicking fabrics and base layers if you wish to do your best.

Not all base layers are made from such a high quality and for them to work to the best of their capabilities then they must fit well and fit tight, to find out more about how tight a base layer should fit you can read our blog post.

Hopefully, this blog has made you more aware of the base layers that can be worn in cricket and you are now informed on how cricketers benefit from wearing a base layer.

Although an optional piece of clothing, we have explained how it can help keep those who play cricket stay comfortable and help with their performance with the aid of a compression fit and the moisture-wicking abilities too. Base layers should be taken advantage of by cricket players everywhere.

Mizos Apparel are proud to announce that our performance base layers are being worn by Lancashire CCC in the T20 and Championship formats!

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