How Do Base Layers Help In Cricket?

Can Base Layers Be Worn In Rugby?

How Do Base Layers Help In Cricket?

Base layers can be used in many different sports and exercises, we are going to be talking about base layers and all of the benefits they can bring you in this blog. At Mizos, we have specifically formulated different base layers to suit different kinds of sports and exercises.

If you would like to specifically know how a base layer works and how it can benefit you when playing cricket, then do keep reading for more information.


What Are Base Layers?

Base layers are layers of clothing that act like a second skin as they sit closely and snugly against your body. Other layers of clothing can be worn on top of your base layer but your base layer must be the first layer next to your skin.

Base layers are cleverly engineered to keep you cool, dry and comfortable at all times. They manage to do this by regulating your body temperature, designed to keep you cool when it is hot or when you sweat and help to keep you warm when the weather is cold. This is why base layers are so popular and beneficial when exercising or playing sports – they come in a range of styles and cuts to suit many different variations of sports and exercise.


How Do Base Layers Work?

In order for base layers to regulate your body temperature and help you to keep cool or warm at all times. No matter what the weather is like or how intense you are exercising, the specially formulated fabric works by absorbing moisture from your body and skin, the often lightweight material helps to draw moisture away from the body and then evaporate it out of the clothing, maintaining that you stay cool dry and comfortable at all times.

Base layers help you to stay warm by trapping heat close to the body, this is another reason why a base layer has to stay snug to the skin so it can trap the heat effectively and not let any heat out.


Why Wear a Base Layer?

Temperature regulation is a handy feature for anyone doing any level of sport or exercise. Maintaining you are never too hot or cold can benefit you in football, cricket, hiking or even light exercise like walking the dog.

Mizos Base Layers have been specially designed and tested and approved to bring you your optimum performance in any weather conditions. Without the correct base layer when exercising, you could be held back by the wrong materials not offering you the correct support or compression for your sport.

Any fabric that has not been specifically designed with moisture-wicking technologies could leave you feeling damp, wearing damp or soggy clothing would definitely weigh you and your performance down. This must be avoided if you wish to enjoy your sports and compete to your full potential, comfort is key to performing your best.

For you to feel the difference, you will have to try our base layers out for yourself, you will not be disappointed in the investment.


Base Layer Benefits for Cricket Players

For cricket players, constant bowling and batting can leave players feeling stiff and sore afterwards, this repeated action will of course cause fatigue to the muscles. Base layers can help with muscle fatigue, which is why cricketers benefit so greatly from base layers in their sport.

Batting and bowling in the game of cricket requires constant power, therefore the right cricket base layer with the correct compression helps to aid cricketers’ muscles as they play. Compression helps in a number of ways, it helps with any build-up of lactic acid in the muscles and prevents future injury. Compression also promotes healthy blood flow to the heart which can allow someone to exercise for longer and takes any unnecessary stress away from the body and even helps to improve muscle repair after exercise too.

With so many stains on cricketers’ upper bodies in the game, it is important to look after the muscles and help muscles with the recovery process in any way possible, so the fact a compressive base layer can help with this is a massive plus. The temperature control feature is also a big benefit too – it ensures a cricket player can have a comfortable and enjoyable game at all times and can even enhance performance.

All these points mentioned above prove that a base layer should be a crucial part of any cricket player’s kit. This is because cricket is such a demanding sport on the upper body – base layers work to support muscles whilst they work and benef blood flow, so baselayers are something that should be utilised by all cricket players.


How Should My Cricket Base Layer Fit?

A well-fitting base layer should fit snug against your body so it can absorb moisture effectively and can then evaporate it quickly out of the garment.

A snug-fitting base layer is beneficial in both hot and cold conditions. In the cold, the heat can be trapped close to your body so you do not get cold when you are playing, then when you are hot it will help you to keep cool by absorbing any moisture and drying quickly and effectively.

Mizos Base Layers come in a range of styles for cricketers, our tops are available in sleeveless, short and long-sleeves for playing during all seasons.


Things to Avoid in Base Layers

Avoid purchasing a base layer with a baggier or looser fit, make sure your base layer fits you correctly. Even if you are used to looser fitting clothing, it’s essential for a base layer to fit snug to your body so it can work effectively. A base layer will not be able to absorb and evaporate any moisture or sweat quickly if it does not fit closely to your skin, which will cause you to be uncomfortable.

Make sure you have the right base layer for your sport or activity. Base layers come in a range of materials that can be suitable for different types of exercise, getting the right material and base layer for your activity could be crucial for you to benefit from them. To read more about different base layer materials and the pros and cons of each one, check out our blog post here.

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